James Gs group dinosaur storie

James Gs group were making dinosaur stories for primary 1 and I think they enjoyed them here they are.


Step 1 First make the characters and scenes (make sure coloured in)

step 2 Think what the storie is going to be about.

step 3 Take pictures of the scenes (make sure the characters are in)

step 4 put them onto windows movie maker

The holidays

On Friday I went shopping with my family I bought an I pod case with a moustache and it’s orange.I also bought the lego movie video game. On Saturday I went to football lessons but cant remember how many goals I scored.I went to my friends house called Jack and katie’s house.On Sunday I just had a day in because we got a day off swimming .On Monday we just went to our gran and Grandad’s house.bye world.

Friend ship bracelet

At school we made fried ship bracelets these are the instructions to make it. First make a list of six different people who care about you. choose a different colour of wool (all the same leangth). Tie a knot on one side next tape the knotted end to the table.Twist the wool together.Tie a knot at the other end ask someone to help you tie the bracelet. bye